Redefine the word “Comfort” in Payment!

No need to give away your sensitive card information anymore. Simply “receive” the information necessary to process payment and make your own payment choice instead. Choose from many options: Credit Card or wire transfer; Lump-sum or installment payment; Pay in full or split the bill. You can even ask someone else to pay on your behalf. Now you are truly in the driver’s seat!

No more hassle and long lines from splitting the bill with credit card for both you and the merchant!

Our seamless transactions will bring a smile to the shop owners’ face. AWAVE is the next payment paradigm designed for the smart people living the era of Social Network.

Stress-free and hassle-free “ultimate comfort in payment” is the payment philosophy embedded in Finnos.

What is Alpha Wave(AWAVE)?

How do we pay now? We pay by passing our card information to the card reader at a merchant store which then processes your valuable information.

Welcome to the new paradigm of payment! Now, YOU can receive the payment data from the POS system of a merchant through sonic communication and pay without any worries about data breach on your personal information, such as your card number.

What is AWAVE POS란? POS?

AWAVE POS is a mobile POS app for smartphone or tablet which process AWAVE payment, a new mobile reverse payment service. Furthermore, it effectively analyzes the sales data of merchant stores.

Social Payment Service

Social Payment Service provides various payment solutions (like Pay Individually or Payment with Mom & Dad’s Card) so as to make easy and simplify payment processes innovatively for the owners of merchant stores.

Sales Analysis

Sales analysis service allows one to analyze sales (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly) of merchant stores easily by managing conventional credit or debit card payment and cash payment in an integrated way.


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